The Beyoncé Effect: Let’s all be vegan

“All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can.” – Beyoncé

If only it was so easy to simply become Beyonce.

On Jan. 28, Beyonce announced a partnership with her trainer, exercise physiologist Marco Borges, to launch 22 Days Nutrition, a plant-based home delivery meal service. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, took this 22-day challenge with Borges in winter 2013 and liked the result enough to spread this easy-vegan plan to others.

Celebrities have often endorsed food products simply for the business opportunity (Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt, anyone?) or promoted diets that they’ve found particularly successful. However, Beyonce has a unique cult-like following that may just send veganism on the upshot.

Most people aren’t even aware of exactly what veganism is—I know, because I went vegan for one week in the name of journalistic curiosity. I had to explain to many people exactly what it means to go vegan: no animal byproducts, including all meat, dairy, gelatin, honey, etc. It was hard to see the effects of going vegan after just one week, but 22 days—the length of Beyonce’s Vegan Diet Plan—may just do the trick to hook young, Queen-Bey fans onto the plant-based lifestyle. However, I’m guessing there will be a fair share of devoted fans or simply curious pop-culture followers that give veganism a try after stumbling across the viral news stories about Beyonce’s new venture.

But this is bigger than Beyonce (yes, that’s possible).

Veganism may succumb to the media frenzy that has been surrounding health food trends in the digital era. Everything from chia seeds to the Paleo diet have spread like wildfire across social media platforms and online media. It will be interesting to follow how the popularity of veganism swells with this latest announcement, and how long the projected hype may last. (Step one: vegan emoji keyoboard.)

How do you think the “Beyhive” will react to the latest news? Is veganism the new health craze, or will be over before it even starts?


2 thoughts on “The Beyoncé Effect: Let’s all be vegan

  1. For me, veganism is for the animals first, for the environment second, and for health third. It’s okay to have things in a different order, but when the ethics of eating animals is put to the front, switching to vegan becomes easy. (And to be sure, the third reason turns out to be an awesome one.) 😀 It’s all perspective.

    When someone goes vegan for the physical self (i.e. to lose weight) there will always be some way to cheat or “opt out” if it should become inconvenient (and it can be, as you know). Do it for the others and it becomes much more fulfilling, much easier to accomplish. Cheers!

    • Hi Shannon. I think you make some really good points about the ethics of veganism. I definitely agree that the animal-conscious element of veganism is an important one. Though I haven’t known too many vegans, it seems to me that those who make the choice to go vegan for that reason are the ones that truly commit to it as a lifestyle and less of a dietary choice. Thanks for the comment!

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