Cruffin: the latest in nom-worthy food mashups

First, there was the Cronut—an unbelievably indulgent croissant/doughnut pastry creation by the Dominique Ansel bakery in Manhattan’s SoHo. A spinoff of wanna-be cronuts, spread across the country (including at Dunkin Donuts), and even led to alternatively named hybrids like the Doissant and Brioughnut.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Photo courtesy of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

But there’s a new kid on the block, who most likely won’t live up to Cronut fame, but may make a name for himself: the cruffin, a flaky, croissant muffin mashup created by San Francisco bakery Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. The cruffins, shaped like little sugar-coated ice cream cones, are filled with custard, caramel, strawberry milkshake, Fluffernutter cream or 2 other flavors. The bakery (which affectionately refers to its customers as “holmies”) begins selling cruffins at 9 am every day, and closes when they are sold out. Ry Stephen, 28-year-old pastry chef, said they take 3 days to make. The cruffin frenzy has built up to near-cronut levels; someone broke into the three-month-old bakery this spring and stole a binder of hundreds of recipes.


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