I started my internship with in January 2013 as a blogger for their retail site. I write articles twice a week on men’s fashion trends, tips and tricks, current events, and product highlights. I promote my blog posts for FUNCTION on Facebook and Twitter via Hootsuite up to 8 times each day I post.

FUNCTION Presents: Boat Shoes

The Art of Simplicity

FUNCTION Presents: Wedding Style Guide

Great Gatsby Style

FUNCTION Presents: Steal Their Street Style

FUNCTION Presents: Ironing 201

Easy Switches for Instant Style

FUNCTION’s Guide to Being Shady

Festival Style, Made Easy

FUNCTION Presents: Ironing 101

FUNCTION Presents: Personal Hygiene 

Jurassic Park Style

FUNCTION’s Lazy Day Style Guide

GQ’s 31 Style Terms, Simplified

FUNCTION Presents: Dressing for Easter

FUNCTION Outfitter Spotlight: Style GF

Steal His Style: Bruno Mars

Making the Style Switch to Spring

FUNCTION Presents: St. Patty’s Day Style

Steal His Style: Valentino Martin

The Skinny on Ties

Off the Cuff: FUNCTION’s Guide to Cuffing Pants

FUNCTION Spotlight: Howe Clothing

GQ’s Most Stylish Films

Scarf Tying, Made Easy

1 Shirt, 3 Looks

FUNCTION Presents: Boxers or Briefs

Grammy’s Style: Mumford and Sons

Fashion Myths, Debunked: Part 2

Super Bowl Style: The NFL’s Best Dressed

Keep Warm With Cold Weather Accessories

Folding Pocket Squares, Made Easy

Break Down Men’s Fashion Week with FUNCTION


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