Her Campus Ithaca College

Her Campus - Ithaca Banner

I’ve been playing a major role in the revitalization of the Ithaca College Chapter of HerCampus since the fall of 2012. We cover campus events, college trends and issues, and all things Ithaca through articles, photos, polls, and our developing video blog. I write a blog for our chapter called Lauren’s Cornell Diaries, but I write articles for other sections of the website as well (see links below).

Campus Celebrities: Lauren Ryan and Camden Weber

Swim Style: Summer 2013

Campus Cutie: Christine Benway

Campus Cutie: Stephen Adams

The Scoop on Celebrity Break-Ups

Valentine’s Day Ithaca Dining Guide

Campus Cutie: Tiffani-Amber Muller

Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Why It Matters And How You Can Help

Spring Cleaning: Refreshing Your Internet Addictions

Lauren’s Cornell Diaries: Food, Collegetown Style

Lauren’s Cornell Diaries: Date Night

Lauren’s Cornell Diaries: Losing My CU Frat “Virginity”

The Cortaca Jug: “The Biggest Little Game In The Nation?”


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